Canyon de Chelly

Late in the afternoon, we left the Natural Bridges behind and headed for Chinle, our base for Canyon de Chelly National Monument.  On the way we crossed the San Juan River where “Fall”, in all her glory, was on display.  Hundreds of magnificent Fremont cottonwoods lined the river banks.  Nature truly is the best artist.  Each tree was crowned with leaves painted in every imaginable shade of green, yellow and gold. Continue reading Canyon de Chelly

Monument Valley

We have lived in Arizona for almost 6 years.  I love our life here.  However,  I’ve had trouble finding beauty in the desert and adjusting to the heat, gravel and cactus.  I miss the moderate weather and green trees of California.  The practice of photography has given me an opportunity to look at my surroundings differently and stop whining.  The southwest is vast, stunning, majestic and unforgiving.  If you don’t give Mother Nature the respect she deserves she will slap you hard. Continue reading Monument Valley

London, Need I Say More?

Well, we are here on the last stop of our trip.  The apartment is a corner unit on the third floor of a neat brick building.  Alfred Place is in the Fitzrovia section of London.  The British Museum is just around the corner…and I quite like it.  Large windows wrap both exterior walls of the flat.  The natural light is softened by several beech trees towering up to the fourth floor.  Their camouflaged wrapped trunks and dinner plate size leaves peak into almost all the windows.  When the breeze blows through these giant canopies we enjoy a soft wind chime concert.  It’s a bit like living in a tree house.  Continue reading London, Need I Say More?

Ferring Noreaster Surprise

We have seen a proper English Storm.

We arrived late in the afternoon to our Ferring Marine ocean view flat located in Worthing, West Sussex.  The flat has been newly remodeled with a big south facing bay window looking over a sea foam green ocean.   Terry tells me the color is from the shallow nature of the shoreline which causes the waves to stirs the sand below. Continue reading Ferring Noreaster Surprise

The Hills of Outstanding Beauty

Yup, that is how this area is described on the map.  And, you know what?  They are exactly right.  Rolling hills covered in rich velvet of greens and yellows, stands of  trees in varying shades of green march up and over the horizon line.  The flocks of sheep munch away under a vast blue, blue sky broken with white clouds the size of ocean liners steaming in a straight line to a far away port. Continue reading The Hills of Outstanding Beauty