JOY      a noun – origin – Latin       ” to rejoice”

We find our joy in family, friends, music, books, art, travel, design and food.  We hope to inspire you to celebrate “joie de vivre”…share your joy filled spirit with others and vanquish the darkness that threatens to cover the world.

We have been beating the heat of Arizona by traveling the world during the summer. Countries shut their borders in 2020.  We chose to continue to travel and bought a small RV to explore the US.  In late 2022, we fell in love with Grand Junction, Colorado and purchased a second home at the base of the Colorado National Monument.  We joined a Jeep Club and have been exploring all things “off road”.

Our blog travel stories and photographs allow us to share our adventures with family and friends. We hope you enjoy our posts and perhaps are inspired to take to the road as well.

Share the joy found around you…and you, too, will experience a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.   The exultation of our kindred spirits will fill with triumph, delight, jubilation, glee, exhilaration, exuberance, elation, euphoria, bliss ecstasy, felicity, glee, enchantment and excitement.

bon voyage!

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