JOY      a noun – origin – Latin       ” to rejoice”

Our joy is found in family, friends, music, books, art, travel, design and food.  We hope to inspire you to celebrate “joie de vivre”…share that joy filled spirit with others and vanquish the darkness that threatens to cover the world…

We beat the heat of the valley by traveling during the summer. This will be our sixth summer in Phoenix and I don’t care what you have heard about “acclimating”….it isn’t true.  Humans begin to cook at 160 degrees…and that my friends can be the temperature inside your car when left in the grocery parking lot.

We share our travel stories as well as our photographs with family and friends through our travel blog.   We hope you enjoy our posts and perhaps are inspired to take to the road as well.

Share the joy…and you, too, will experience a feeling of great pleasure and happiness The exultation of our kindred spirits will fill with triumph, delight, jubilation, glee, exhilaration, exuberance, elation, euphoria, bliss ecstasy,  felicity, glee, enchantment and excitement.

bon voyage!

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