Ferring Noreaster Surprise

We have seen a proper English Storm.

We arrived late in the afternoon to our Ferring Marine ocean view flat located in Worthing, West Sussex.  The flat has been newly remodeled with a big south facing bay window looking over a sea foam green ocean.   Terry tells me the color is from the shallow nature of the shoreline which causes the waves to stirs the sand below.

We unpack and get out and walk the path along the shoreline.  We are greeted by dogs walking their owners.  Unlike the beaches I grew up on, this is a rocky shore.  The tide is just beginning to return.  The strong wind is blowing from west to east pushing the cloud formations rapidly through the sky.  There is a storm coming.  The sea is covered in white caps from the horizon to the shore.  I’ve never seen that before.  It is a very painterly setting.  Just be sure to hold onto your hat!

Along the shore, spaced about 100 feet apart for several miles are rows of wooden pilings sticking up in a single file making their way into the ocean.  Random portions of the stick soldiers have grey weathered wooden slats nailed to their sides.  Terry tells me this is to hinder the erosion of the beach.  From the looks of it, the tidal pull is quite strong.  When it begins to rain, we turn and return to our warm, dry retreat.

We wake to bands of clouds, some several miles wide and several miles long… dark ominous clouds pregnant with rain sailing in off the Atlantic.  The storm begins.   I love weather and enjoy being a witness to the drama of Mother Nature’s power and strength.  She is showing off this morning.   Her overture begins with a pitter patter of tiny, soft rain drops.  Don’t be fooled and stay out in the open for the next movement in her concert.  Now she adds the wind section to the driving rain.  There is a rhythm to the driven wind.  The violent force together with the rain is bending trees in half and flattening most of the bushes.  The blossoms are being driven down the drive.

Our view of the ocean and some of the surrounding homes has disappeared behind a grey shower curtain.  Water is hitting the bay window glass with fire hose pressure.  What a marvel!  How exciting!  It is expected to go on all day.  Since we are facing south, I guess it is a “Souwester” the opposite of raging storms on the eastern seaboard.  Once in a while, I see a figure trying to keep their balance as they walk the path by the shore.  What on earth are they doing out?   I’m curling up to read.  Terry is working on the computer.

Arundel Castle

Mom has moved on and we are out at the next morning and greeted with a double rainbow.  The sky still threatens to rain but the sun is peeking through when we make our way to Kent.  Before our next stop, we decided to visit Arundel Castle built nearly 1,000 years ago.  It has been the seat of the Dukes of Norfolk for 850 years.  The families have a very interesting history filled with political intrigue, beheadings, saints and cardinals.  https://arundelcastle.org/history/

The sky is overcast and the light bleaches out most of the buildings.  So my photos are black and white, but Terry changes the settings on his camera and captures some beautiful color shots.

West Sussex