Smitten 4


Our visit to Calgary is drawing to a close.  We have one week left.  The city has captured our hearts for several reasons.  It has the vitality of an  energetic young population in a hurry to get inside the skyscrapers and then turn the corner and you are surrounded by mature evergreen trees along the Elbow or Bow River; you can walk down shaded lanes of historical homes; there are distinct neighborhoods just five minutes from downtown…Kensington, Inglewood, Mission….and  one doesn’t need a car….if you have the time, you can walk anywhere in 20 minutes; hop in a Car 2 Go; ride your bike to commute or for pleasure; there is a rotation of fairs, festivals, exhibits, theatre, opera, symphony, ballet, sports, outdoor celebrations, parks, world class shopping and the food!!!

Make plans to visit when Pale, the Goddess of Fire, wakes from her spring slumber to yawn and exhale her sweet breath  hot enough to singe the tumbleweeds.