See the USA!!!

Twiddling our thumbs at home for most of the past six months gave us time to reconsider the way we travel.  Like most of you, our international and domestic travel plans were cancelled.  It doesn’t look promising for the near future.  So how do we beat the heat in the summer now?  To top it off my younger brother reminded us we were in the third quarter, near the goal line, our golden years!!  Well, golden years be damned…we have come up with ways to travel in style while concentrating on food, wine, photography workshops and ways stay active.

Activity and fun levels are off the charts now.  We followed our friends advice and bought electric bikes.

We took our bikes for trial spins on some short road trips.  In turbo, we flew up the mountain trails at Mt. Rushmore and Frisco, Colorado.  In sport mode, we raced along at speeds up to 30 MPH on the paved trails in Park City Utah, the Grand Tetons and Jackson in Wyoming.  Yosemite Valley was a snap in the Econo mode.


Forget looking for the Fountain of Youth…get an e-bike and you will be 12 again.  We just took the bikes in for their 1,000 mile tune up!


Traversing the USA and Canada will be a snap in our Winnebago View 24D.  We pick it up in Iowa in late October.

We needed the perfect Tonka Toy to tow.  Terry is outfitting a 4-door Wrangler Jeep for the job.  We will be able to bump over the  gravel roads with no worry about potholes, splash through streams and get dirty in the mud.

Now when I plan our trips to beat the heat or visit a parts of the USA in the best weather, I get a great, big smile on my face.

We send you our best and hope all of you are well during this difficult time.

Terry and Terry