We didn’t make reservations and took our chances and drove to have dinner at the Jackson Lake Lodge restaurant. Don’t miss this experience and if you can get a window table, all the better.

Jackson LodgeThe restaurant is probably about 150 feet long with 30 foot ceilings and two tiers of seating. The floors to ceiling glass walls run the entire length of the restaurant. It is easy to imagine you are in a giant movie theatre, watching an enormous outdoor movie screen where Jackson Lake and the Teton Mountain Range are the stars. This evening, the stars were assaulted by a summer storm coasting its way over the mountain tops.

JacksonLodge3We had a ring side seat next to the glass wall with an unobstructed view to the constant changes. Strong winds from the west stretched the black and grey clouds over the calm, blue sky. Multiple lighting strikes drew harsh, jagged white lines through the clouds. Suddenly the clouds parted, the setting sun painted snow covered mountain tops in soft reds and golds.

Sunlight through the clouds on the Tetons
Sunlight through the clouds on the Tetons

Terry braved the storm to capture the shafts of light bathing the mountain.

Oh, and the food is superb!