The ABC Farmers’ Market Society was founded in April 2003, as a non-profit society. The “ABC” in the society’s name is for the Alberta and British Columbia farmers who make up the society. The society consists of an 80 per cent majority of vendors who either make it, bake it or grow it. This is one of the many ways the society maintains its status as an Alberta approved farmers’ market.

FarmersMarketThe doors open to a blast of sensory overload….a beehive of activity, colors and smells…all pleasing in a crazy busy way.  Everything and anything you could want is available and beautiful….great care is taken with the display of fruits, vegetables, baked goods, fish, fowl, beef, chicken, lamb, veal, bacon…and everything is seasonal so the best of summer is on display.

First Crop of the Season

The food stalls were a stroll through world cuisine…bakers (oh, the bread and pastries), barbecue, sushi, tamales, shepherds pie, pasta, and noodles.

I bought some English peas and maple cured bacon for a pasta dish I will be making tonight along with a heirloom tomato and cherry tomatoes….the little red orbs were like eating ruby colored sunshine!

Mini pies

I brought home a tiny Saskatoon berry pie. Their season is short.  The berries are smaller than a blueberry, similar in taste, yet sweeter, the skin a little thicker.  The pie filling was dark purple, rich goodness.


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