ANEJO – Calgary

We had passed this neighborhood restaurant, its patio filled with 20 and 30 something’s….with 200 types of tequila’s behind the bar and a happy hour offering half price tacos and drinks….we decided to join the fray.

Anejo Interior

Bring your ear plugs…the voices, laughter and music pulsates to your very bones.  This is no ordinary taco joint.  The ingredients to their tacos reflect Alberta’s love of all things meat.  I had  wild boar and beef short rib tacos…Terry had lamb barbacoa tacos….which we generously dolloped with their “white hot mayo”.

We topped it off with freshly made, just out of the deep fryer,  mini churro’s that we dipped in warm caramelized condensed milk.  Sugary, crisp, licking finger good.

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