Bike Trails


Just outside our door is the Mission and Stanley Park area.  If one begins on the bike path along the Elbow River through Sandy Beach down to the Glenmore Reservoir and through Fish Creek and back downtownis exactly 62 kilometers on the path.

Elbow River

You only have the deal with one set of lights and the rest of the time you are just riding through parks, the river’s edge and enjoying the scenery.

Calgarians are serious about their bikes. Commuting  to work, riding for pleasure…they fly through the streets and in both directions along the path.

We are out for our first ride along the Elbow.  The path shared, with pedestrians, dips and rises, there are twists and turns.  We are in single file riding at a pretty good clip when we turn a corner and the path drops sharply under a bridge….the clearance is quite low  and we must flatten ourselves again the handlebars in order not to be knocked off our trusty steeds.  First my scream, then my laughter echoes under the bridge.  Calamity averted.  Who knew?