Up, up and over the Vail Pass to the east of the village is Frisco. By car about 25 minutes…..people actually bike over the pass in about 2 hours.

Arnie, Shelley, Abbey, Frisco and Terry and Terry
Shelly, Arnie, Frisco, Abbey, Terry and Terry

Terry’s golf buddy, Arnie, his wife, Shelly, and Abby the informal mayor of Frisco have lived there for many years. Arnie walked us through town and down to the marina.  The city fathers and mothers took their time and preserved the historic downtown Main Street filled with shopping and restaurants.  Well planned subdivisions dot the hill sides and there are plenty of walking and paved bike paths. The Dillon Reservoir joins Frisco and Dillon.  The lake has tiny pine covered islands and a two marinas for water sports; a water taxi that shuttles you back and forth between Frisco and Dillon.