I love food….doesn’t have to be fine dining, just good.  If you are looking for fine dining, look no further than Rouge situated on the Bow River in the historic district of Inglewood  just over the bridge from downtown Calgary.

The restaurant is located in the former home of A.E. Cross which was built in 1891 and designated as a Calgary Municipal and Province of Alberta Heritage site.  The garden area covers 6 city lots and is adorned with enormous trees, flowers, and native shrubs.

Guests can enjoy seating in what was originally the main parlor with a fireplace and French doors to the garden, the dining Room, the atrium.  The upstairs original bedrooms are also utilized for dining.  The rooms are bland and a little severe for my taste even with the large local art adorning the walls.

What may lack in atmosphere is made up with the food.  Here is a serious chef with a magnificent menu.

Terry began with an Heirloom Tomato Salad, Shaved Katsuobushi, Nasturtium, Black Garlic Aioli, Cultured Ramp Vinaigrette and I with a chilled carrot soup….poured table side over crème fraiche, pickled baby carrots and thyme.  I was tempted to swipe my finger through my empty soup bowl to get every last drop….but used pieces of the French bread baked on site to finish the job.

Then came our entrees:  Seared Itsumo Tuna, Panko-Crusted Trotter Cake, Sweet Pea & Bacon Puree, Embered Radish, Dashi, Pea Tendril for him.  Brown Butter-Poached Halibut, Summer Vegetables, Herbed Gnocchi, Guanciale Vinaigrette for me.  Frank Family Pinot went quite nicely with everything.

In 2015 Avenue Magazine named Rouge #1 Best Overall Restaurant and they were right.

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