We will be on the road for 60 days.  I have difficulty packing for a weekend let alone 1,440 hours or 86,400 minutes! We are staying at a mix of VRBO’s, resorts and hotels.  

Be ready for any type of weather….it’s hard to think of what to wear in cool weather when it is 109 degrees outside…plan for biking, walking, hiking, golfing, exercising, swimming, shopping, relaxing and dining out

I have never been good at “packing light”, yet with the benefit of washers/dryers at the homes we are renting, I might be able to pack less.  Whittling down my shoe choices is painful…Terry’s sneaker clad foot stomped the pavement to reinforce his refusal to haul a trailer for shoes or anything else for that matter.

Now for packing a mini-kitchen.  Who doesn’t love to eat out?  After a week or so, I long for a simple, home-cooked meal.  My next challenge is to pack a mini-kitchen for our extended stays in Calgary and Vail.  If limiting the number of shoes I take is difficult…this is a packing dilemma on steroids.   Plastic containers have been the answer.  I’m a Trader Joes girl, so in go the dry goods and we will get fresh local ingredients to compliment my travel pantry.   I’m also taking my favorite skillet so I can sauté, braise, roast and bake in one pan.

Here is Terry’s artistic version of “dry goods under plastic”.

artistic mini-kitchen