Ah…..The Blue Lagoon

We landed in Reykjavik, Iceland two days before our workshop and booked a stay at The Silica Hotel adjacent to The Blue Lagoon.  We sat transfixed looking out the window at an endless black lava field covered with sage green moss.  No trees, no bushes, nothing but a barren landscape reminding us we were in the land of volcanoes.

Out in the middle of nowhere stands our single story wooden slat hotel.  We rolled our suitcases to the front door taking note of the steam escaping the earth’s crust in the surrounding fields. The geothermal activity supplies the entire country with hot water!

The modest exterior of the hotel masked the luxurious spa-like interior.   The floor to ceiling glass walls revealed a wondrous landscape complete with a thermal pool surrounded by volcanic rocks.  We dropped our bags, donned our swimming suits and slipped into a miniature version of The Blue Lagoon for the rest of the afternoon.

We ate like kings at breakfast the next morning.  We suited up for the half-mile walk in 49 degree temperature by pulling on our cold weather jackets.   The grey skies could not dampen our excitement.  Along the way I pulled my hood around my face and thought about soaking in the 102 degree temperature of the thermal waters of The Blue Lagoon.

The path led us through two-story high lava rocks and thermal pools.  Once there we separated to change into our suits.  We met at the glass doors.  The doors opened and an Arctic blast first shocked and then enveloped us as we hung up our fluffy white robes and shook off our spa sandals.  The frigid cold walk along the weathered grey boardwalk seemed to take forever.  What a relief to plunge up to our chins in the steamy turquoise water.  I had one thought, “I’m not getting out any time soon.”

Through the mist we could see we were surrounded by fellow bobble heads.  Silly smiles were plastered on all our faces.  I looked closely.  Some of those faces were covered in green, white or gray masks.  We waded up to the “mask bar” and applied an algae mask of our own and turned to explore the expansive pool.

Time is suspended when you are in the waters.  Soft voices and laughter float together with the steam above the water.    We drifted to the drink bar and enjoyed a glass of strawberry prosecco.

This was an experience like none I’ve had before…and just think, we have another day to enjoy The Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon
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