Summer Travels of 2018

We are off on an 83-day adventure.  I discovered photography last year while in the eastern provenances  of Canada.   The photos were surprisingly good, yet could be so much better if taken with a better camera.  Terry researched and voila(!) this past November two Fujifilm mirrorless cameras arrived at our doorstep.

Photography is the driving force for our summer travels this year.   I found an Oceania cruise through the Mediterranean and said to Terry, “Now that we have these great cameras, why not go back to see cities we have been to….and some we have not and capture them with the new cameras?”  He said, ” Sure, I hear Ireland is beautiful….we are so close, why not fly over there too?”

I expanded on that thought, having never been to Scotland or outside London and began to plan a road trip after our cruise.

We begin Barcelona before boarding the beautiful big, white ocean liner.   Our ports of call will include cities in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Along the way we have contracted with local photographers for workshops to improve skills and see the the cities through their eyes.

Terry,  an accomplished photographer and digital artist himself, has turned out to be an amazing tutor.  I’ve been burning the midnight oil learning this darn camera, ISO, F Stops, Focus, Shutter Speeds…and then there’s the editing in Lightroom.

I’m all set to capture the beauty offered on our travels.

Bon Voyage!