Terry and Terry

2023 Gallery
Imogene Pass
2023 New Year
View from Grand Mesa
Serpents Trail No. 2
Crested Butte Roadside No. 2
Crystal Mine in Marble
Kebler Pass No. 2
Divde Road
Kebler Pass No. 1
Farmers Market Palisades No. 1
Farmers Market Palisades No. 2
Grand Junction Jeep Club Climb
Crested Butte Roadside No. 1
Kebler Pass No. 3
Downtown Crested Butte
Kebler Pass No. 5
Kebler Pass No. 7
Kebler Pass No. 4
Kebler Pass
Kebler Pass No. 8
Kebler Pass No. 6
Trail to Telluride No. 1
Road to Rico
Outside Ouray
Shaded Porch
Northern View Imogene Pass
Plien Air Painting at the Monument
Grand Mesa Lakeside
Palisades Sunday
Palisades Coffee
Granite Face
Roadside Photographers
Red Mountain
Plein Air Painting No. 2
Setting Up Shop
Trail through the Aspens
View from Serpents Trail of Grand Junction Valley
Pardise Valley
Autumn Trail
Yankee Girl Mine

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