Minnesota and the Shores of Lake Superior

Minnesota opened her arms and welcomed us with a tornado warning.

Our history of natural disasters included our stay in Lockport, Nova Scotia while Hurricane Dorian churned the ocean and his winds tore down trees and buildings along the shore; being swallowed and blinded in a violent dust storm known as a “Haboob” on a drive home through Yuma, Arizona; and watching a curtain of rain from a monsoon erase homes across the fairway from view and flood the golf course.  We did not want to add surviving a tornado to our list. Continue reading Minnesota and the Shores of Lake Superior

Little Switzerland – Iowa’s Best Kept Secret

For the next six weeks we will be traveling by the seat of our pants.  That’s the way Terry likes to travel…no reservations and decisions made on the fly.  I’m just the opposite.  I’ll research something to death, agonize over my decisions and then make reservations.  Well, judging by our experiences In Little Switzerland, Terry may have a good point. Continue reading Little Switzerland – Iowa’s Best Kept Secret

Calamities and Silver Linings

When we began to camp our friends gave us helpful advise.  They talked about two important things to remember.  The first being to walk around your coach before leaving a campsite.  Be sure the connections for the water and electrical are disconnected to avoid the major calamity of pulling them out of the ground. The second was if towing a vehicle be sure the connections are tight to avoid the “toad” disconnecting to race down the highway without you.  After several weeks on the road, we discovered a third. Continue reading Calamities and Silver Linings

Corvette Museum

We visited the Corvette Museum late in the afternoon and had the 115,000 square feet to ourselves.  The museum opened in 1994 and sits on a 60-acre campus, complete with race track.  Our self-guided tour began with a walk down vignettes depicting Main Street in an American small town.  Early model Corvettes are cleverly displayed against the backdrops of a Photo Shop, Al’s Barber Shop, an assembly line, a Mobil gas station, a car dealership and a repair shop. Continue reading Corvette Museum

Wild Horses of the Lower Salt River

Wild horses, descendants of the horses brought by the Spanish, have roamed freely along the Salt River before the Tonto National Forest was designed in 1902.  Even though they had been living on the land for over a century, their fate was uncertain in the early 21st century.  In 2015, the United States Forest Service issued a notice declaring the herd as “unauthorized livestock” and announced a plan to capture, remove and auction off any unclaimed horses. Continue reading Wild Horses of the Lower Salt River